Watch The Cure’s long out of print documentary “Play Out”


“Play Out” is a documentary released by The Cure in 1991, at the time it was only released on VHS and Laser Disc and now is out of print. The video follows the band for seven days in London showing backstage antics and live bits….below the video is the tracklist.


Day One : T&C Club, London, 17th January 1991
Day Two : Wembley Arena, London, The Great British Music Weekend, 19th January 1991
Day Three : The Jonathan Ross Show 23rd January 1991, various snips including Hello I Love You, Just Like Heaven, The Walk, Bland With An Edge
Day Four : E-Zee hire Rehearsal Studio, London, 22nd January 1991
Day Five : MTV “Unplugged”, 24th January 1991
Day Six : Dominion Theatre, London, 9th February 1991
Day Seven : Dominion Theatre, London, “The Brit Awards”, 10th February 1991

Day One

1 Wendy Time
2 The Big Hand
3 Away
4 Let’s Go To Bed
5 A Strange Day
Day Two

6 Pictures Of You
7 Fascination Street
8 Lullaby
9 A Forest
Day Three

10 Harold And Joe
Day Four

11 The Blood
12 The Walk
Day Five

13 Just Like Heaven
14 A Letter To Elise
15 If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
16 Boys Don’t Cry
Day Six

17 Rehearsals For “The Brit Awards”
Day Seven

18 Never Enough

The video is courtesy of Binyo S

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