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‘Caught In The Middle Of A 3-Way Mix’ tribute to the classic Beastie Boys album ‘Paul’s Boutique’

  A tribute to the Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique album for which DJ Food, DJ Cheeba and DJ Moneyshot have reconstructed the album from all the original samples plus acappellas, demos and commentary related to it. All that plus PC … Continue reading

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Sonic More Music-1980’s Hip-Hop

   I’ve put together a list of Hip-Hop tracks from the 1980’s that I just really always liked; they run from the Old-School “Grandmaster Flash” up to the experimental vibe of “The Beastie Boys”. Peace Joe Cornelisse-SMM Grandmaster Flash and … Continue reading

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Sonic More Music-The 80’s on Facebook

Hey Everyone    Just wanted to let everyone know about a new facebook page I’ve recently got up and running, it’s called Sonic More Music-The 80’s.  I have always been the type of music lover that has to keep his ear … Continue reading

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Fiction Factory – 1984’s "Feels Like Heaven"

 Fiction Factory – 1984’s “Feels Like Heaven”    To this day still one of my favorite singles, it was from their debut album ‘Throw The Warped Wheel Out’   Joe Cornelisse-Sonic More Music-The 1980’s

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