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The D’Urbervilles are now what MATTERS…So Sit Up and Listen

                    So Toronto band The D’Urbervilles have decided that a new name and also “a new sound and a new look” was due, according to a press release from the band, the band has decided to now call themselves … Continue reading

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If I’m so Uncool than why are You still Reading This?

Me at the age of 17                So here’s the scenario as it’s going to play out.  You’re a 15 year old kid and you just want to fit in, you’ve tried the clothes thing…that didn’t work   ( Hammer wore them … Continue reading

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Odd Future..Too Punk For Hip-Hop? Or Just Enough Hype To Get Us By The Swag

      Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All….Now If your anything like me , and I know you are (a scary thought I know) , you need a bit of potentially fatal trauma thrown into the ever dying pop culture … Continue reading

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Mariposa Folk Festival Artist Spotlight: The Beauties

            After listening to the first 30 seconds of the track “Without you” from their Self Titled Six Shooter Records release “The Beauties” , you get the sense that The Beauties have more up their sleeves than they’re letting on.  … Continue reading

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A Writer? Nah, Just a Guy with some time on his hands and some stories to tell…Chapter One

        As I sit here staring at the Facebookingly Twitterfied, Bloggerific youtube-afied (the days do tend to drag on) worlds that seem to collide with each other day in and day out, I cannot help but to return to Warhol’s … Continue reading

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