Rheostatics Announce ‘Here Come The Wolves’, first new album in 15 years…listen to the first single.

from rheostatics,ca

“A “gear shifting, vocal stacking, wild riffing, shit kicking,” testament to finding balance in discord: announcing their first album in 15 years, Rheostatics return to the stage with “Here Come the Wolves”.

Watch the story unfold through the eyes and hands of Martin Tielli, in a special timelapse video, as he painstakingly paints the cover art, soundtracked by the record’s title track.

“Here Come the Wolves” is a song that encapsulates the spirit of the Rheostatics, both literally (everybody gets a solo) and figuratively (it’s a complex but catchy tune).”

The Rheostatics return as their original 1980 four, Dave Bidini, Dave Clark, Martin Tielli and Tim Vesely, now also with Hugh Marsh and Kevin Hearn.

Personally, this announcment is huge for me! I can’t wait to spin the full record!

The full album will be released September 6 on Six Shooter Records.

AC/DC on the Stereo
Here Come the Wolves
It’s the Super Controller!
Music is the Message
Diamonds on Our Toes
I Wanna Be Your Robot
The Beautiful Night
Goodbye Sister Butterfly
Mountains and the Sea


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Fucked Up live at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto – Full Set

TORONTO, ON - OCTOBER 19: Fucked Up performs at Horseshoe Tavern

(Photo: Brendan Albert/Aesthetic Magazine)

Fucked Up performed their latest record ‘Dose Your Dreams‘ at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto on October 19, 2018.

Thanks to the CBC for filming the show!

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June 15, 1977 – The Sex Pistols held a party on a boat as it sailed down The River Thames in London. [Watch]



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[New Video] VK – “What Tomorrow Will Bring”

“What Tomorrow Will Bring” – Performed by VK & Legends of THE DEEP’. Live audio and performance. Filmed in Orillia, Ontario by Southern Souls.

See VK live in concert this July at the Mariposa Folk Festival.

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Will Work for Views: The Lo-Fi Life of Weird Paul [Documentary]

weird paul 2


I’m not a fan of reviews, I don’t like writing them and I don’t like reading them, so when it comes to my blog I just talk about or post things that I enjoy; and one thing that I thoroughly enjoyed was the documentary:
Will Work for Views: The Lo-Fi Life of Weird Paul.

The film tells the story of Pittsburgh’s “Weird Paul” Petroskey, a one-man pop culture jukebox who armed with a camcorder has been creating home videos of himself and his family for the last 30 years, he’s also a very prolific musician who’s released more than 40 albums and tapes and over 750 songs…this guy doesn’t sleep!

Paul’s a very fascinating guy, when you watch one of his many YouTube videos the first thing about him that catches your eye is his very cool Johnny Ramone style haircut (which his Mom still cuts), then maybe it’s how he exudes excitement while talking about the subject of the YouTube video, whether it be What Things Were Like In The 1980s or about the stuff he has collected since he was a kid (the stuff he’s got is just insane, and I’m rather jealous).

I love the part in the film when his girlfriend Niffer is rhyming off all of the things that need to be fixed in their house, and then Paul holds up this toy that a fan had sent him and goes “yeah but look at this”, and then it’s all better.

Weird Paul is known as The Original Vlogger, he was a YouTuber before there was YouTube; he was a head of his time, and still is. Paul once said on a YouTube video that “The ideas I have for stuff, I probably only make 10%, 90% of my ideas never get made into anything because I don’t have time, that’s kind of sad”.

Some of Weird Paul’s song titles are:

“I Got Drunk At Chuck E. Cheese”, “Piece of Meat in the Tang”, “I Dropped My Almond Joy Bar”, “Pay for Your Tacos Quickly and Securely”, “Peanut Butter Recall”, “Scott Baio Was Seen At The Pink Dot Convenience Store Buying 12 Cans of Tuna and a Carton of Cigarettes” and my personnel favourite “This Guy’s Got a Bone Disease” (Paul’s son Tristan Petroskey shot and edited the video for this one).

Weird Paul is the person that hasn’t given up on their dreams or aspirations like so many do when they become an “adult”, he’s an inspirational person, living his life doing what he wants to do, whether it be his art, music, or his videos…personally Paul reminds me that I’m not alone, he helps me to keep thinking that my dreams just might be obtainable some day.

Thanks Paul!

Even though this movie is about him, Weird Paul isn’t making any money from the film, so if you enjoy his work please think about supporting him via Patreon!


Will Work For Views (Trailer #1) from Interesting Human on Vimeo.



Here’s the link to Weird Paul’s YouTube channel, click on it and remember to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and Ring the Bell!!!


Will Work For Views is now AVAILABLE on iTunes.


Joseph Litzinger and Eric Michael Schrader

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