Toronto Punk group Abrasives on Super 8 film from the 1980’s [Video]

*This is a compilation of five (from many) different appearances by Toronto band Abrasives, 1985-1988. Originally shot on Super 8 film that has deteriorated – including sound, at points – over the past thirty years, three are at the historic Cabana Room (RIP), one at Larry’s Hideaway (likewise) and the last at the June 26, 1988 Lesbian & Gay Pride parade. Featured players include (respectively) Steve Mills, Steve West and Paul McNally on bass; Herb Ham and John Bucknam on drums; John Timmons on second guitar (last clip) and Bill Turner everywhere else.

Courtesy of YouTube member Phuck Allcops

*taken from the video’s description

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New Music: The Regrettes “Hot”



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Weaves – Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

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Get your Ass of the couch and go see SNFU live in Orillia at The Geneva Theatre on Sept 24, 2016

snfu copy copy.jpg

SINIKILL PRODUCTIONS (in association with broken string entertainment) Proudly Presents:

SNFU – West Coast Canadian Punk Legends

GAG ORDER – Brantford Hardcore Punk

GASWITCH – Orillia Filthy Punk

THE GROGGIES – Barrie/Orillia Veteran Punks

SPREE KILLERS – East Vancouver Murder Punks


The Geneva Theatre is located at 16 West St, S in Orillia, ON.

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New Video: Craig Mainprize “By Moonlight”

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