Watch “Save the Mistletoe” featuring Erik Estrada, Joyce Dewitt (Three’s Company), Lou Ferrigno, Natalie from The Facts of Life and more…..if you dare


Save the Mistletoe was a satirical campaign from Smirnoff ICE, it was released upon the masses in December 2006. Some things should be forgotten, but thanks to YouTube we can relive this…..something again and again if you want to. The Save the Mistletoe group featured:
Erik Estrada (of the 80s TV show CHIPS),  Joyce Dewitt (Three’s Company), Lou Ferrigno (Incredible Hulk), Lark Voorhies (Saved by the Bell), Mindy Cohn (Facts of Life), Kato Kaelin, Larry Thomas (the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld), Tiffany (singer of “I Think We’re Alone Now”), Jeremy Miller (Growing Pains), and “Downtown” Julie Brown (MTV Vee-jay).

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