On this Day in 1997 David Bowie released ‘Earthling’

The late, great David Bowie’s 20th studio album ‘Earthling’ was released on February 3rd, 1997. The album was heavily influenced by the industrial sound of the 1990’s and was the first Bowie album since his 1974 album Diamond Dogs that he had produced.Below is a quote from an interview David Bowie did in 1997 just when ‘Earthling’ was released:
*”I have always been interested in club music. And what particularly fascinates me today is that drum‘n’bass, techno and also electronica are made out of new structures—they distance themselves from the common pop song. You could also see it this way: that drum‘n’bass is like the material of my suit. The material has a structure, a texture, it feels different to the material of a different suit. I’m talking about when your finger runs over the material. The cut of the suit gives the structure stability and defines whether the material will be rescued over into a new age—or will be forgotten, lost in the past. In this sense I am the tailor who chooses the materials out of a collection, touches them and feels them with his senses and then cuts.”
*from Electronic Beats magazine


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One Response to On this Day in 1997 David Bowie released ‘Earthling’

  1. phanteana says:

    this has always been one of my favorites of his later work. an amazing album!

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