Public Image Ltd’s ‘Album’ turns 30 Years Old


Public Image Ltd ( PiL) released on January the 27th, 1986 the album ‘Album’, ‘Compact Disc’ & ‘Cassette’. The artwork of the release was based around the generic brand products sold at the Ralphs supermarket chain (dark-blue lettering and light blue stripe over white ground) in the USA in the 1980’s.

‘Album’ was produced by John Lydon and Bill Laswell, both Lydon and Laswell decided to use the best of the best in studio musicians when recording the album, Laswell said of that

“When we did PiL he had put a band together in California of some kids. And I had sort of decided to make a heavy group, so I invited Tony Williams, Ginger Baker, Steve Vai, and all these people came. We fired John’s band and there were many nights of really harsh arguing in bars. When the smoke cleared, we made sort of a classic record, an unusual record for the time.”
I’ve got the album on all three formats…it’s just that good.


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