Jim Bryson Set To Release New Record ‘Somewhere We Will Find Our Place’ On February 19, 2016


Jim Bryson will be releasing his anticipated new full-length album Somewhere We Will Find Our Place on February 19 via Fixed Hinged and Fontana North

To bring this record to life, Jim elicited the help of Charles Spearin (Do Make Say Think, Broken Social Scene) and Shawn Everett (Alabama Shakes) to flesh out and rethink how songs would and could be presented. “This is a really important and special record for me,” says Jim “and while I know all records have that, there was just something in the water when we recorded these songs.”  John K. Samson (The Weakerthans) concurs, “Jim Bryson has made a beautiful, career-defining, masterpiece of a record.”

The album is fearless and the songs revel in their pursuit of honesty. It is perhaps the irony that the comfort and solace in the tunes come from their rawness and subtle truths. Like on the track ‘Changing Scenery,’ Jim declares “it became you against me instead of you and me against the world.”   On ‘Stuck In The MiddleJim asks the listener “aren’t we all a little stuck in the middle?” And with that seemingly innocuous question comes the essence of what ‘Somewhere We Will Find Our Place‘ is all about.

Jim Bryson will be celebrating the release of the record with launch parties in Ottawa and Toronto.

February 19, Quitters, Stittsville, ON | TBA

February 25, The Burdock, Toronto, ON (Early) | Tickets

February 25, The Burdock, Toronto, ON (Late) | Tickets

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