It’s Christmas time with New Order – Rocking Carol & Ode to Joy [Listen]



By Joe Cornelisse

Nothing says Christmas like some experimental synth from Manchester’s own New Order, given away at the Haçienda Club on Christmas Eve 1982 the “Merry Xmas From The Hacienda”  flexi disc  (which had a limited edition run of 4400) includes two tracks: “Rocking Carol” (Also known as “We Will Rock You) and “Ode to Joy”.

Factory Records had this to say about it “We can’t remember if this was Xmas present to the Hacienda regulars or just a crazy idea. Certainly it involved taking a New Order piece that they’d recorded for a local TV Xmas special the previous year and making a flexi out of it. As far as we remember it was Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, but we don’t have a record player any more so we can’t be sure. “

The bag that contained the flexi disc also held a party hat, a whistle, a coiled streamer, and a yellow and navy blue piece candy (shaped like a rock).


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