Listen to The Rattlesnake Choir ‘The Prospector’s Curse’


Toronto ON — Tracing the roots of Rattlesnake Choir is like tracing the history of American music during the last quarter of the 20th century. With a sound informed as much by The Stooges and The Rolling Stones as it is by Townes Van Zandt and Bob Dylan, their third album, The Prospector’s Curse finds the band exploring some cinematic new musical territory.

The Prospector’s Curse began as the soundtrack to Toronto filmmaker Josh Hiese’s Western horror of the same name. After the film was done, the band was so pleased with the outcome they decided it should be released as an album. They fleshed out some of the tunes, recorded some lyrical songs and a new album was born.

Back is the usual crew of John Borra (vocals and guitar), Sam Ferrara (Slinky, saw and cheese grater), Tony Benattar (bass and dobro), Michael Boguski (piano and accordion) and Miranda Mulholland (violin). Also joining them is the lovely Dani Nash, who sings on “Down For You” and plays mandolin with the band live.

The album’s artwork was created by world-renowned Beat painter, Ed Adler, a longtime friend of the band. Tony Benattar is also known internationally for his hand-crafted cowboy boot company, Liberty Boots, worn by the likes of Madonna, Taylor Swift, Aerosmith, Kid Rock, and even the late Elizabeth Taylor. Watch Benattar chat with John Borra about his work HERE.


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