Watch The Velvet Underground’s First Public Appearance at a Psychiatrist’s Convention (Filmed in Super 8)

The New York Society for Clinical Psychiatry survived an invasion last night by Andy Warhol, Edie Sedgwick and a new rock ‘n’ roll group called “The Velvet Underground.”

“The Chic Mystique of Andy Warhol,” described by an associate of the painter as “a kind of community action-underground-look-at-your-self-film project,” was billed as the evening’s entertainment for the psychiatry society’s 43d annual dinner at Delmonico’s Hotel. And until the very last minute, neither group quite believed the other would show up.

But sure enough, as the black-tied psychiatrists and their formally gowned wives began to trickle into Delmonico’s lobby at 6:30, there was Andy, and in evening get-up, too – sunglasses, black tie, dinner jacket and corduroy work pants. And right there with him were some of his “factory” hands – Gerard Malanga, poet; Danny Williams, cameraman, and the “factory” foreman, Billy Linich.

The “factory” as any Warhol buff knows, is the big, sliver-lined loft where he and his coterie make their underground films and help mass-produce Andy’s art.

What “The Chic Mystique” was nobody really explained. The Warhol part of the program included a showing of his underground films as background for cocktail conversation and, at dinner, a concert by the rock ‘n’ roll group. And Warhol and his cameramen moved among the gathering with hand-held cameras, using the psychiatrists as the cast of a forthcoming Warhol movie.

The psychiatrists who turned out in droves for the dinner, were there to be entertained – but also, in a way, to study Andy. “Creativity and the artist have always held a fascination for the serous student of human behavior,” said Dr. Robert Campbell, the program chairman. “And we’re fascinated by the mass communications activities of Warhol and his group.

Taken from “Syndromes Pop at Delmonicos” by Grace Glueck

Filmed by Jonas Mekas and Barbara Rubin
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