Bet Smith celebrates Earth Day with the release of her new EP ‘Loose Ends’ featuring The Currie Brothers

When an artist releases new music it’s a two fold kind of deal, of course it’s a special thing for the artist themselves but it’s also just as exciting for their fans, with the release of Bet Smith‘s new 5 track EP ‘Loose Ends’ featuring The Currie Brothers we were given an inside look at the making of it step by step through social media, and in the end I feel we indirectly played a small part in the making of it.

‘Loose Ends’ was released today……Earth Day, and I think that’s no small coincidence with the real natural vibe each song gives off; so buy a copy and go for a walk and enjoy what Bet is selling because it’s certainly worth buying.

You can buy ‘Loose Ends’ on iTunes HERE

You can stream the full EP below

‘Loose Ends’ was Produced and Engineered by Rob Currie

It was recorded and mixed at Currie’s Music in Gravenhurst, Ontario, Canada
All songs written by Bet Smith

The Players:

Bet Smith – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, (Lone Wolf) Xylophone, (Loose Ends) Typing, (Dynamite) Clapping, (Talisman)

Andrew Currie – Drum, Bass, (Dynamite) Upright Bass, (Loose Ends) Dobro, (Lone Wolf) Organ, (Talisman, Dynamite) Glockenspiel, (Dynamite) Clapping, (Talisman) Wooden Stool Legs, (Hostility) Ideas

Rob Currie – Electric Guitar, Bass,(Loose Ends, Talisman, Signs of Hostility) Clapping, (Talisman) Ideas

Johnny Fay – African Bell and Tenor Tom, (Loose Ends) Ideas

#earthday #betsmith #curriebrothers

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