Album Feature: Winnie Brave (Alt-Country)


When you’re given a record to listen to with song titles like “Memphis”, “Tennessee” and “The Storm” instantaneously you get this picture in your mind of dusty back roads and small towns; and when the name of the band just happens to coincide with a storied form of transportation that traveled those back roads you just know the music will run deep and true…as it does on the new album from Winnie Brave.

Winnie Brave (formerly Hey Amy) are Canadian duo made up of Amy McIsaac & Brad McIsaac, the story goes the two of them sold everything they owned, packed up the dogs & gear and journeyed to the deep south of Texas; there they played their asses off for 3 months then trekked their way back to the great white north …not before immersing themselves in the whiskey soaked Texas air that’s spread all throughout this album.  

Amy McIsaac’s voice leads you on a trip throughout the storied past of country music when it was still country, from quiet balladesque tones to intensified alt-country styling’s she never veers away from her true path. Being that this album was recorded in just 2 days at the famedWoodshed Studio‘s in Toronto (owned by Blue Rodeo) the sound that they got right off the floor in captivating, and the musicianship of everyone that played on the album (dig the toy piano on “The Deep End) just brings it all on.

Winnie Brave takes us all on that journey to Texas right along with them….and I don’t want it to end.

You can purchase the album online HERE or pick up a copy in person at Ironside Electric Co. in downtown Orillia.

Don’t miss the Winnie Brave album release party, it all happens Saturday February the 22nd at the Artaban Hall in Orillia, special guests include Scott Cooper and Buttoned Down….more info HERE. I also have to say if Winnie Brave doesn’t get a spot on this year’s Mariposa Folk Festival bill that will be a super loss on the festival’s end.

Credits on the album

Amy McIsaac: vocals, acoustic guitar
Brad McIsaac: bass guitar
Steve Tasker: drums
David Jones: organ, piano, toy piano, fiddle
Lauren Campbell: backing vocals

 The Album was Engineered, mixed and mastered by Tim Vesely (The Rheostatics)

All songs written by Amy McIsaac






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