Classic Photo: Henry Rollins, Joe Strummer, and Johnny Cash


A story that goes along with this photo:

Rick (Rubin) invites Henry to go and meet Johnny Cash! Obviously Hank jumps at the chance and wanders off back stage, and meets Joe Strummer, who he kind of knows. He and Joe start chatting and then Rick takes them up to meet JC who is just standing around, hanging out. Rick say “Johnny, this is Henry Rollins”. Now JC doesn;t have a clue who Henry is to be honest, but quite remarkably goes, “Henry, I’d like to thank you for coming on down to watch the show, I sure appreciate it”, and shakes Henry by the hand. Henry flabbergastedly says something along the lines of it being a complete pleasure. JC then meets Joe Strummer(JS) in an equally personable open manner, and Henry is struck by how cool that is. JC has just played his fucking guts out for over two hours, he proved that he can still kick it, and if anyone had even nearly the right to pull any of that bow, and kiss my pinkie ring shit, then it would be old JC. But no, he is totally approachable, and there completely in your face meeting you like another Joe Blow on the street would. Henry is freaking out over this when JC and JS start having this conversation. JC says things in his usual laid back drawl with lots of pauses etc. That’s just the way he talks.

JS: Johnny, do you remember the song that I sent you for the new album, you didn’t use it, but what did you think?

JC: Joe, (big pause) I’m sorry, I don’t remember it

JS: Well maybe if I sing it to you, then you would

JC: Joe, (big pause) sing that song

At this point Henry is standing back in ‘rock and roll bonerville as he witnesses Joe Strummer singing a song to Johnny Cash.

JC: Joe, that’s a damn fine song, I’m going to go and find that song Joe

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