Young Galaxy – Ultramarine [Review]

   paper073_300_large The one remark that bugs me more than anything else when I hear it is “There’s no good music these days.” well  ‘Ultramarine’  the fourth studio album from Montreal’s Young Galaxy should put that to rest for good. To really know this record I had to go back and interact with their previous releases and get that feel for where the band came from and where it’s at today. The balance of acquaintance between ‘Ultramarine’ and their other work walks a fine line of a band knowing what should be accomplished and a band standing at the summit feeling the waves of victory.

   The band chose to work again with producer Dan Lissvik, but this time instead of recording in Montreal they went all the way to Sweden, Dan seems to bring out that electronic hook we all expect but unlike other artists you also feel the production, the sweat and the passion that went into making ‘Ultramarine’.

Catherine McCandless carries all of the vocals on this release by herself and wins; she radiates a willingness to let every track live a life of its own with a pop sensibility while not candy coating them for the masses.

Parts of ‘Ultramarine’ harken back to the classic electronic music of my past (New Summer, Hard to Tell) where other pieces like “Fever” take me on a new musical journey, which after the amount of music that I have absorbed these many years is a very welcome thing.  

‘Ultramarine’ is available via Paper Bag Records , you can also get via iTunes.


Pretty Boy

Fall For You

New Summer


Hard To Tell

What We Want

Out the Gate Backwards

In Fire

Privileged Poor

Sleepwalk With Me

Joe Cornelisse-SMM

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