Jerry Leger Live @ The Brownstone in Orillia Sat March 2nd

      Instead of staying home and watching hockey or surfing FB this Saturday night why not get out; and get down to The Brownstone Cafe in Orillia and catch a musician that could teach lessons on being a musician, his name is Jerry Leger. Folk, rock, country, bluegrass…you get it all from a guy who by the age of 27 already has 5 records to his name. What can you say about a musician whose sophomore album was produced by Don Kerr and had Ron Sexsmithplaying piano on it? you don’t say anything but sit back and enjoy. 
      Below is the track “All Over Again” from his latest record Some folks Know, it’s a duet he did with Serena Ryder. Duets are a hard thing to pull off, the singers have to have an unwritten sense of intimacy between them, and on this track these two really do pull it off. 
    Saturday night Jerry will be backed by Dan Mock on bass & Kyle Sullivan on drums, so as I said get out of the house and watch a real musical treasure, this guys the real deal.
Joe Cornelisse-SMM

*photo used in post by Laura Proctor

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