It’s the Canadian premiere of PS I Love You’s new video “Friends Forever”


So what we have here is two really huge muscle boys (Rage & Manimal) and a dog named Alabama and a story for the ages.

“Friends Forever” comes from PS I Love You’s latest album ‘For Those Who Stay’ which is out now via Paper Bag Records.

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Watch the new video from The Drums – “Magic Mountain”

Magic Mountain,” is the first single off of The Drums upcoming album Encyclopedia and the first song core members Jonny Pierce and Jacob Graham have released in nearly 3 years. Encyclopedia will come out in Canada on September 23 via Arts & Crafts.

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Watch The Beastie Boys – ‘Paul’s Boutique’ Release Party from 1989 [Video]

bb89Check out The Beastie Boys (with a ton of record company squares) as they celebrate the release of their album ‘Paul’s Boutique’ back in 1989 on top of the Capitol Records Building in Hollywood California….a fun game is to try and find Paulie Shore in it.

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The Beastie Boys ‘Paul’s Boutique’ released on this day in 1989


I can comfortably say I never really got into The Beastie Boys first album ‘Licensed to Ill’, it was played ad nauseam and at every party I went to during high school the jocks would crank up “(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!)” (maybe that’s what really turned me off of it) but then The Beastie Boys released the now classic Dust Brothers produced ‘Paul’s Boutique’, I was then converted into a die-hard life-long fan.

Below are some facts about the now breakthrough album ‘Paul’s Boutique’:

- ‘Paul’s Boutique’ was The Beastie Boys second studio album
- it was produced by the Beastie Boys, Dust Brothers and Mario Caldato, Jr.
- 105 songs were sampled on the album
- The Beastie Boys had spent about a $1/4 million in rights and licensing for samples used on the album
- The cover art and gatefold is a photograph of Ludlow Street (as shot from 99 Rivington Street)
- ” Rolling Stone called it ”the ‘Sgt. Pepper’s’ of rap.”
- Miles Davis said he never got tired of listening to it
- “Mike D was playing the tracks for me. They started with a drum that was obviously from the intro to ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.’ And I said, ‘I don’t know if you can do that.’ And right as I said that, a guitar line from Abbey Road came in, and you realized that there were two Beatles samples. Mike said, ‘Well, hopefully they’ll be able to work it out.’ And I said, ‘Mike, come on, man, it’s the Beatles.’ He goes, ‘Yeah. I know. But what could be cooler than being sued by the Beatles?’” – Tim Carr (former A&R executive/Capitol Records), excerpted from The Skills to Pay the Bills by Alan Light, 2005


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Check out the original Depeche Mode – ‘A Broken Frame’ Tour Program from 1982

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